Mandy_Chamberlin2013Mandy Chamberlain

Mandy Chamberlain has post graduate qualifications in second language teaching and taught for many years in an inner city school with a diverse indigenous and multicultural student community. The influence of these students and parents on her teaching led to an interest in the way cultures constantly evolve. Mandy is undertaking independent studies in cultural anthropology.

After independently visiting Turkey, Syria and Jordan, Mandy travelled to Iran on the ASA Art and Culture of Persia tour in 2002. In 2005 after completing the ASA Silk Route tour, she continued on to Iran to gain further insight into Iran's people, its art, architecture, gardens and cuisine.

Mandy has assisted Russell Casey in the managing the Silk Route and Uzbekistan: The Silk Road Cities tours since 2010.

Current / Future Tours



Past Tours

  • The Silk Route: from Xi'an to Tashkent (2010-2011, 2013)
  • Uzbekistan: The Silk Road Cities (2010 & 2012)
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