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Assoc. Prof. Terrie Waddell

Dr Terrie Waddell
Reader / Associate Professor, Screen Studies
Head of Department – Creative Arts and English
School of Humanities and Social Sciences | College of Arts, Social Sciences and Commerce
La Trobe University | Bundoora  3086 | Australia

T: +61 3 9479 2396
F: +61 3 9479 3638
E: [email protected]



B.A. (Deakin), Dip. Dramatic Arts (Victorian College of the Arts), Dip. Ed. (La Trobe), M.A. (La Trobe), PhD (La Trobe).

Brief Profile

Dr Terrie Waddell lectures and researches on the relationship between screen media, literature, gender, popular culture and psychology. She has authored Wild/lives: Trickster, Place and Liminality on Screen (Routledge, 2010), Mis/takes: Archetype, Myth and Identity in Screen Fiction (Routledge, 2006) and co-edited Eavesdropping: The Psychotherapist in Film and Television (Routledge 2015) and Lounge Critic: The Couch Theorist’s Companion (ACMI, 2004).

As Director of Higher Degree by Research, she advises on the research training and related academic activities of postgraduate candidates in the School of Humanities and Social Sciences.


Psychology and the Moving Image International (PaMII) co-founder & steering committee, Melbourne Screen Studies Group (MSSG) steering committee.



  • with Huskinson, L (eds) 2015, Eavesdropping: The Psychotherapist in Film and Television, Routledge, London.
  • 2010, Wild/lives: Trickster, Place and Liminality on Screen, Routledge, London.
  • 2006, Mis/takes: Archetype, Myth and Identity in Screen Fiction, Routledge, London.
  • with Rattigan, A (eds) 2004, Lounge Critic: The Couch Theorist’s Companion, ACMI, Melbourne.
  • (ed.) 2003, Cultural Expressions of Evil and Wickedness: Wrath, Sex, Crime. Rodopi, Amsterdam.

Chapters in Books 

  • 2015, ‘Transitional Fantasies of Masculinity’, in L Hockley & N Fadina (eds), The Happiness Illusion: How the Media Sold us a Fairytale, London: Routledge. To be released June 28, 2015.
  • 2015, ‘Shrink Wrapped Television’, in T Waddell & L Huskinson (eds), Eavesdropping: The Psychotherapist in Film and Television, Routledge, London, pp. 129-43.
  • 2012, ‘Lars von Trier’s Anti Christ and the Australian ‘lost child’ complex: Love, loss and emotional indulgence’, in K Ritzenhoff & K Randall (eds), Screening the Dark Side of Love: From Euro-Horror to American Cinema, Palgrave Macmillan, New York, pp. 33-46.
  • 2011, ‘The Rapture of ‘Girlshine’: Land, sacrifice, and disavowal, in Australian cinema’, inC San Roque, A Dowd, & D Tacey (eds), Placing Psyche: Exploring Cultural Complexes in Australia (pp. 74-91), Spring Publications, New Orleans, pp. 74-91.
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  • 2003, ‘Scrubbers: The great unwashed of Australian cinema’, in L French (ed), Womenvision: Women and the Moving Image in Australia, Victoria: Damned Publishing, Victoria, pp. 183-95.
  • 2001, ‘We’re So Excited We Just Can’t Contain Ourselves: Ren, Stimpy and the Abject’, in A Mills & J Smith (eds), Utter Silence: Voicing the Unspeakable, Peter Lang Publishing, New York, pp. 145-55.

Journal Articles 

  • 2014, ‘Australia’s Lost Children at Play: The films of Baz Luhrmann’, International Journal of Jungian Studies, vol. 6, no. 2, pp. 96-107
  • 2013, ‘Trickster in Burlesque: Jest, shamelessness and gender play in the ‘betwixt and between’, Australasian Drama Studies, ‘Burlesque and Beyond’, vol. 63, pp. 96-110.
  • 2008, ‘Trickster and the Delinquency of Lost’, Spring Journal: A Journal of Archetype and Culture ‘Technology, Cyberspace, and Psyche’, vol. 80,  pp. 171-86.
  • 2002, ‘Female Sexuality in Advertising – how to whip moral panics into feeding frenzy’ Metro, no. 133, pp. 224-9.
  • 2001, ‘Playing with the Big Kids: The implications of imported advertising on Australian television’, Media International Australia, incorporating Culture and Policy: ‘Technoculture’, vol. 98, pp. 129-42.
  • 1998, ‘Dana Scully and Gillian Anderson: Unresolved sexual tension without Mulder’, Metro, 117, pp. 34-9.
  • 1997, ‘Carving up the Psyche: Susan Streitfeld’s Female Perversions’, Metro, no. 111, pp. 39-42.
Past Tours

Terrie first joined ASA in 2016 as lecturer for La Trobe University’s credit course:

  • ‘When the Levee Breaks’: New Orleans and the Mississippi (2016)