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Iain Shearer

ASA’s Academic Coordinator
Iain Shearer is an archaeologist who has always been fascinated by the many cultures and stories to be unearthed and explored within the Islamic World. During the last 20 years, he has worked as an archaeologist in North Africa, the Balkans, Central Asia, China, Afghanistan, Pakistan, India and the Arab Middle East and was appointed a Fellow of The Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland in 2008.

Iain has successfully led a number of tours for the British Museum, The Traveller, ACE Cultural Tours and Distant Horizons across the Maghreb, the Arab Middle East, Iran and Central Asia, and was the Lonely Planet author for the Saudi Arabia and Hajj guides in 2009, as well as the upcoming edition for 2013, Lonely Planet Iran 2012 and the author of the forthcoming updated Bradt guide to Iran. Iain is passionate about exploring and explaining the thrilling histories and cultures of the Arabic, Persian and Turkic speaking peoples and hosted an episode of National Geographic and Lonely Planet’s Roads Less Travelled to Kazakhstan, which still lurks darkly in the nether regions of cable television, airline entertainment systems and the internet. He recently left the Middle East department of the British Museum where he was the Sackler Scholar for Afghanistan and Iran and is currently dividing his time between Sydney, the UK, the Maghreb, the Middle East and Central Asia.

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  • National Geographic Channel: Lonely Planet: Road Less Travelled
  • Youtube: Lonely Planet campaign Iain Shearer
  • Lonely Planet Iran (Country Guide) by Andrew Burke, Virginia Maxwell, Iain Shearer
  • Lonely Planet Oman UAE & the Arabian Peninsula (Multi Country Travel Guide) by Jenny Walker, Stuart Butler, Andrea Schulte-Peevers and Iain Shearer (Oct 1, 2010)
Past Tours

Iain first joined ASA in 2014 and has since led over 10 ASA tours including programs to Iran, Eastern Turkey, Qatar, Jordan and Central Asia. These include:

  • Ancient Algeria, the M’Zab & Saoura Valleys (2017)
  • Bulgaria & the Black Sea: Painted Towns, Byzantine Monasteries & Thracian Treasures (2016)
  • Iran: Art & Culture of the Persians (2014, 2015, 2016)
  • Minoans to Crusaders: A Voyage across the Eastern Mediterranean from Petra to Athens (2016)
  • Uzbekistan & Turkmenistan: The Silk Road Cities (2016)
  • Uzbekistan: The Silk Road Cities (2014)
  • Turkey Beyond the Euphrates: Discovering the Eastern Frontier (2015)