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Day 5 – Saturday 20 August | Melbourne Lectures Series 2016

20 Aug 2016
  • Melbourne

'Bal du moulin de la Galette', painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1876. Currently housed in the Musée d'Orsay, Paris. Credit: Pierre-Auguste Renoir [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
‘Bal du moulin de la Galette’, painted by Pierre-Auguste Renoir 1876. Currently housed in the Musée d’Orsay, Paris.
Explore the world in fully illustrated public lectures hosted by Australians Studying Abroad. These lectures explore fascinating, general historical questions, rather than being specifically orientated towards ASA’s tours.

For all lectures, places are limited and people wishing to attend are advised to book well in advance. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain seats at the door on the day. We are now charging a minimal fee of $12.00 per day to assist us with the increase cost of the room hire. Your support and understanding of this minimal charge is greatly appreciated.

In response to your feedback, the format of our lecture program has changed. Each day now offers 2 lectures, allowing time for a Q&A session at the conclusion of each lecture.

Lecture 1 | 1.00 – 1.50pm

The Mysteries of Paris: An urban landscape of dream and desire

While Paris is famed as the City of Light, many artists and writers have preferred to explore its darker corners. For romantics, surrealists and radical bohemians, Paris is a city of mysteries, dreams and uncanny experiences. In the mid-nineteenth century, the poet and critic Charles Baudelaire wrote of the flâneur, the urban drifter spying on the rough drama of street life. By the 1930s, surrealists wandered arcades and backstreets in the hope that chance encounters might reveal the le merveilleux quotidien — strange and marvellous irruptions of the unconscious in daily life. After World War II, this Freudian poetics of the streets was recast as ‘psychogeography’ by the Situationist movement. No longer merely an architectural or geographical space, Paris was mapped as a landscape of psychic intensities and navigated by playful, drifting bohemians. In all of this, artists and poets sought the secret life of Paris; its forgotten quarters, its nocturnal life, its irrational and unpredictable character. This lecture will explore Paris’ subconscious, guided by some of the city’s most challenging artists.

by Prof. Chris McAuliffe

Lecture 2 | 2.20 – 3.10pm

An Englishman’s home is a Welsh castle

This talk explores the uses that castles served both for suppressing the Welsh and in dominating the landscape as the homes of various nobility through the ages. You will hear about Powys, Prince Charles’ favourite castle where he has his own bedroom, and Caernavon where he was crowned Prince of Wales. Penryn, on the other hand, was the home of the Kings of the slate industry who exported to the world and with proceeds built a modern castle for their home.  Gwydir reveals its owner’s romantic restoration journey from a ruined heap to lovingly restored medieval castle.

by Richard Heathcote

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RESERVATIONS: Please book online, or contact ASA on: (03) 9822 6899, Freecall 1800 645755 (outside Melbourne Metro) or email: info@asatours.com.au

VENUE: Theatre, Lauriston Girls’ School, 38 Huntingtower Road, Armadale.

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