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Day 6 – Saturday 27 August | Melbourne Lecture Series 2016

27 Aug 2016
  • Melbourne
Basilica St Augustine, Annaba, Algeria - photo by Kristen Hellstrom. Towering above the ruins, Hippo Regius, on its own small hill, the colonial-era Basilica St Augustine was intended as a sign of France’s revival of past glory. The first stone was laid in 1881, the basilica completed in 1900. Beneath the soaring nave and huge arches, surrounded by Carrara marble, Grenoble stained glass and local onyx, lies a statue of St Augustine, its right arm containing one of the saint’s arm bones.
Basilica St Augustine, Annaba, Algeria – photo by Kristen Hellstrom.

Explore the world in fully illustrated public lectures hosted by Australians Studying Abroad. These lectures explore fascinating, general historical questions, rather than being specifically orientated towards ASA’s tours.

For all lectures, places are limited and people wishing to attend are advised to book well in advance. We cannot guarantee that you will be able to obtain seats at the door on the day. We are now charging a minimal fee of $12.00 per day to assist us with the increase cost of the room hire. Your support and understanding of this minimal charge is greatly appreciated.

In response to your feedback, the format of our lecture program has changed. Each day now offers 2 lectures, allowing time for a Q&A session at the conclusion of each lecture.

Lecture 1 | 1.00 – 1.50pm

Bulgaria: Treasure house of the Balkans

Bulgaria’s 20th century was both bleak and bloody and this has obscured a western understanding of the glorious culture that emanated from this centre of civilisation for 2 over millennia. One of the wealthiest of Roman provinces and a heartland of the later Byzantines, both Latin and Greek-speaking imperial powers absorbed the earlier culture of Thrace and Greek colonies that respectively occupied the mountainous interior and Black Sea coast. This lecture will link the early history of Bulgaria through the rise of Orthodox Christian medieval kingdoms, to the modern era, revealing a cornucopia of cultural treasures.

by Iain Shearer

Lecture 2 | 2.20 – 3.10pm

Algeria and the M’zab Valley: Pearl of the Maghreb

A hidden valley-sanctuary for a persecuted sect located in the deep Sahara of central Algeria, the M’Zab valley holds 5 fortress towns that until the beginning of the 20th century were entirely closed to outsiders: Islamic Algerians and French Christians alike. Today, the “Moazabites” are a dynamic minority community with a reputation for hard work and strict religious and social custom. This lecture will locate the history of the M’Zab people within the extraordinary mosaic of Algerian history: Numidian Berber kings and one of the wealthiest of all Roman provinces; home of Church Father St Augustine and a dynamic Christian past; Vandals and the end of Imperium; a great Byzantine stronghold of Justinian; jewel of Islamic dynasties, Ottomans, and Barbarossa the Corsair; to Colonial French rule, Albert Camus, and Independence.

by Iain Shearer

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VENUE: Theatre, Lauriston Girls’ School, 38 Huntingtower Road, Armadale.

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