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Dr Joan Barclay Lloyd

Born in Zambia, Dr Joan Barclay Lloyd read for her PhD on the church of San Clemente, Rome, at the University of London’s Warburg Institute. She then moved to Rome, where she worked as assistant to eminent scholar Professor Richard Krautheimer on his classic study Rome, profile of a city, 312-1308.

For many years she taught Art History at La Trobe University (1980-2006), with a focus on Ancient Roman sites, as well as Byzantine and medieval art. Joan now lives in Rome and continues to carry out research on the art and architecture of the city.

Joan has published extensively. Following a wonderful early work on African animals in Renaissance literature and art (her Master’s thesis), she has published books and a vast number of articles on medieval Italian architecture and iconography, as well as several studies on the history, architecture, and stained glass of some churches in Victoria, Australia.

Joan has been associated with ASA since its very first tour in Italy; she was, in fact the first lecturer ever to teach an ASA group (1977). She has taught La Trobe University/ASA student credit courses in Rome and the Bay of Naples, and has lectured on general cultural tours to Northern Italy, Croatia, Sicily and on the pilgrim route to Santiago de Compostela. Recently, she has been a guest lecturer in Rome, generously sharing her extensive knowledge of the Eternal City with ASA travellers. Her extraordinary teaching, her keen intellect, her fine empathy, her deep humility, and her wry sense of humour have endeared her to many, many students and ASA travellers.

  • Fellow of the Australian Academy for the Humanities
  • Research Fellow of the British School at Rome
  • Adjunct Professor at the Australian Catholic University
  • Member of the Pierre Goursat Institute.

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Past Tours
  • Southern Italy: Pompeii, the Amalfi Coast and the Treasures of Apulia (2019)
  • From the Alps to the Adriatic; the Veneto, Slovenia & the Dalmatian Coast (2008)
  • Venice & Her Empire (2007)
  • Medieval France & Spain: The Pilgrim Routes to Santiago de Compostela (2007)
  • Roman Cultural Landscapes – La Trobe University (2005)