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Palladio, Veronese and the Villa Barbaro at Maser

with David Henderson
6 Feb 2024
Event: Free Online Lecture: Travel Tuesdays
Duration: 1 Hour
Start time: 5:00 PM AEDT

Palladio, Veronese and the Villa Barbaro at Maser by David Henderson

The contribution of the Veneto region to High Renaissance culture and its legacy should not be underestimated. Andrea Palladio’s comprehensive study of the principles of ancient Roman building made him perhaps the most emulated architect in history, and Paolo Veronese’s sophisticated understanding of colour influenced generations of European painters. These gifted men collaborated in the creation of one of the most significant projects of the period: a country villa for the Barbaro family. Harmony of colour, arcane symbolism and a sense of dialogue between architecture and landscape are seamlessly integrated in this ‘total’ work of art.

After initial studies in architecture, David Henderson spent four years at London’s Royal Academy Schools where he was awarded the S.J. Solomon prize for figure painting and was twice selected for the Academy’s annual summer exhibition. Since then, he has held over 30 solo exhibitions in London, Rome, Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane. His work has been selected for a number of prestigious group exhibitions, including the New English Art Club, the Doug Moran National Portrait Prize and Tattersall’s Landscape Prize. David has been the recipient of numerous awards including – on two occasions – Best of Show at the Brisbane Rotary art exhibition. In 2021, he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Queensland Art Society. David has lectured for the Queensland Art Gallery, Queensland University of Technology and the Brisbane Institute of Art. He has accompanied over 50 tours for ASA to Italy, France, the UK and the USA and now spends a part of each year living and working in Italy. David brings a trained artist’s eye to an analysis of painting, sculpture and architecture and takes great pleasure in sharing his knowledge.

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Date: 6 Feb 2024
Duration: 1 Hour
Start Time: 5:00 PM AEDT