Leaders, Lecturers & Tour Managers

Our professional and approachable lecturers are vital to ASA tours and are chosen with great care.

Every tour lecturer is an expert in their field (literature, art, gardens, history, architecture etc), with many years of experience, publications and talks to their credit, yet also able to communicate their extensive knowledge, and eager to stimulate and enrich the travel experience for every tour participant. Each lecturer is also the tour leader, in charge of the itinerary and its educational content, providing you with information about the sites and museums you visit, while an expert tour manager takes care of the day-to-day logistics of the trip.

You will be joined on the tour by other guides with a specialized local knowledge – they add important information andcolour to the itinerary. On an ASA tour you will be looked after all the way by experienced, caring, knowledgeable people who love to share with you their passion for cultural travel.

It’s the quality of the people that count. The team at ASA are smart, cultured, committed, efficient and very good company. Just like the tours they offer!

Jean, ASA traveller since 2009