PDF Newsletters

ASA E-Newsletters have provided articles that inform and educate.  Below are the most recent selection of ASA’s past E-Newsletters.


June E-Newsletter 2014

Articles included

  • Talking Turkey by Judith Simpson,
  • Northern Wales,
  • El-Greco: Man of Two Worlds – and Beyond by John Wreglesworth,
  • A Travel Sketchbook – Painting Paris in Watercolour – Feature Tour
  • Eastern Turkey : A Visual Essay
  • Gobekli Tepe: The Worlds Earliest Megalithic Civilisation by Iain Shearer
  • Valamar Riviera Hotel, Porac- Feature Hotel

December E-Newsletter 2013

Articles included

  • A Snapshot of Villa Capponi, Italy
  • Oxburgh Hall, A Turbulent History
  • Etruscan Kings to Ottoman Sultans – Rome & Santorini: A new tour
  • Spain: An Epic Land
  • Armada Hotel, Istanbul – Feature Hotel

September E-Newsletter 2013

Articles included

  • Andalucía’s Cordoba and Granada
  • Hidden Treasures of Rome – A New Tour
  • Snapshot of Trieste
  • La Chèvre d’Or Jardin – It’s Story
  • Do you know about the Cevenne National Park?
  • Exploring the Black Sea
  • Oman: Wall to Wall Culture
  • Richard Barley – Planting Roots Abroad
  • Maids Head Hotel, Norwich – Feature Hotel

July E-Newsletter 2013

Articles included

  • The Nearest Thing to Paradise
  • Edirne: Once the Capital City of the Ottoman Empire
  • Snapshot of Morocco
  • Etruscan Kings to Ottoman Sultans – Cruising with ASA
  • Riga: A Sophisticated Capital City
  • Treasures of Pre Inca Civilisations
  • Along the Orange Blossom Coast – A New Tour
  • Villa Angelo d’Oro, Rovinj – Feature Hotel