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Romain Nugou

Born and raised in the mountainous region of Auvergne in Central France, Romain studied at the University of Toulouse and completed a Bachelor of Arts in 2003 with major studies in history, geography and economic history. He also holds a Master of Arts in Contemporary European and Italian history. His Master’s thesis examined the issues of Italian exiles in France during the Fascist period, which led him to study in Rome on a regular basis.

Romain is forever a curious mind and an insatiable traveller who is trilingual (French, English and Spanish). Apart from his beloved France, he lived and worked in South America and then New Caledonia, before eventually moving to Melbourne which he now calls home. Romain is a member of the Royal Australian Historical Society. Romain joined ASA as a Tour Coordinator and Leader in 2018. He leads ASA’s tour in southwest France with his longtime friend Adrian Mialet.

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Past Tours


  • Shetland & Orkney: Archaeology and Wildlife of the Northern Isles (2023)
  • Western Australia: Wildflowers, Wineries and Private Gardens of the South West (2023)
  • Tasmania: Art, Spring Gardens, Cradle Mountain & Freycinet National Park (2022)
  • Cultural Landscapes of the Midi-Pyrénées & the Dordogne (2022)
  • Georgian Hobart: Meeting History Face to Face (2022)
  • Landscapes, Art & Gardens of the Côte d’Azur, Provence & the Cévennes (2019)