El Greco: Man of Two Worlds - and Beyond

Here’s a Trivial Pursuits question: Can you name an artist and sculptor known universally by an ethnic nickname? The answer …

Summary of major dynasties and empires covered on ASA’s Southern India tour

MMamMajor Tamil Dynasties (Pandyan, Chola & Chera) Pandyan Dynasty (600 BC (Early Pandyan Kingdom) – 1650) Ancient dynasty that ruled …

New Year in India

Join Professor Bernard Hoffert as he leads these tours to India.

ASA E-Magazine – August 2015

ASA E – Magazine August 2015 Edition Articles include * Travel Tips * Côte d’Azur * When it comes to …

Theatres of Preaching

Belgium churches and cathedrals house a the wealth of Baroque sculpture in their buildings.

New Tours

This section highlights some of the new and exciting programs on offer during 2017

Book Review: Gallipoli, the Turkish Defence

The people of both Australia and Turkey attach meaning to their national identities and ideals as a result of the Gallipoli campaign

An Introduction to Islam

Islam is the world’s fastest growing faith but it is one of the least well understood. It traces its heritage …

Islam and the Turks

The Religion of the Turks The ancient Türks worshipped the elements of nature and believed that they had been created …

Republican Turkey

After the First World War the Ottoman Empire was divided. During the war, the British and the French governments had …