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Croatia: Archaeology and Culture between Rome and Constantinople

From the classical period, the coast of Croatia has been of strategic and commercial importance to the great historical powers including Rome, Byzantium & Venice,

Jordan: West Asia’s Historical Junction

Jordan: West Asia’s Historical Junction

Modern Jordan encompasses territories that have served as crossroads throughout human history. From humanity’s earliest exodus out of Africa through to the rise of modern nation-states, Jordan’s eternal landscapes have witnessed many pivotal moments in our global history.

Princes, Pirates, and Pilgrims along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

Princes, Pirates, and Pilgrims along Turkey’s Turquoise Coast

Dr Christopher Tuttle describes the long history of the Turquoise Coast, the rise and fall of its principalities, pirate armadas, and influential peregrinations driven by religious fervor.

Norway and the Lofoten Archipelago

Join Mindy MacLeod as she describes some monstrous Viking beasts best avoided as well as some more appealing ones you may encounter on her upcoming Norwegian tour.

The Wealthy World of Bronze Age Cyprus with Christopher Gribbin

The Wealthy World of Bronze Age Cyprus

The Late Bronze Age was a period of prosperity and transformation for the island of Cyprus. Explore the culture that developed during this period.

Constantine, The City of Bridges

Constantine, the city of bridges has been occupied at various times by the Phoenicians, Romans, Arabs, Ottomans and French

Acragas (Agrigento) Valley Of Temples

Sitting imperiously on the top of Monte Camico, Agrigento commands enviable views across the broad coastal plain towards the Mediterranean …

Jordan beyond Petra

“It seems no work of Man’s creative hand, by labour wrought as wavering fancy planned; But from the rock as …

Buddhism along the Silk Road

The ‘Silk Road’, coined by 19th century German explorer Ferdinand von Richthofen (uncle of famed WWI fighter Ace ‘The Red Baron’) is something …

Dr Christopher Gribbin on Emperor Diocletian

Dr Christopher Gribbin, ASA Tour Leader & Honorary Fellow at the University of Melbourne joins the ‘When in Rome’ Podcast …