Belgium: Small Nation, Big Culture

Belgium is a small nation with a big role to play in European life and world history.

Oman: Arabia’s Ancient Emporium

Oman is a land of jagged red mountains, broiling skies, stark, scorching deserts, hospitable to human life only because it is embraced by the warm shallow waters of the Indian Ocean.

Acragas (Agrigento) Valley Of Temples

Sitting imperiously on the top of Monte Camico, Agrigento commands enviable views across the broad coastal plain towards the Mediterranean …

Poland: Remnants of a great Empire

In different political forms from 1386 to the late 18th century, Poland-Lithuania constituted one of the most powerful entities in …

The Ithaka Walk

Ithaka gave you the marvellous journey ~ Cavafy The Tour begins. We met up in Istanbul, ancient Byzantium, the Imperial megalopolis, …

Samuel Pepys and his Library

Samuel Pepys (1633 –1703) is best remembered for his diary, a gossipy account of the personalities and intrigues of London …