Land and its context

Bernard Trainor describes his design methodology in assessing a new project and the important role nature plays in discovering essential design solutions.

Talking Design with Stephen Crafti

ASA Tour Leader Stephen Crafti produces and hosts ‘Talking Design’, a popular fortnightly podcast from RMIT, featuring interviews with experts …

Northern Gems of the Baltic

Three magnificent northern gems were suddenly unveiled to an unsuspecting western world in 1991 after a half-century’s occlusion behind the …

El Greco: Man of Two Worlds - and Beyond

Here’s a Trivial Pursuits question: Can you name an artist and sculptor known universally by an ethnic nickname? The answer …

New Year in India

Join Professor Bernard Hoffert as he leads these tours to India.

Theatres of Preaching

Belgium churches and cathedrals house a the wealth of Baroque sculpture in their buildings.

Moscow's Red Heart: The Kremlin

Ivan the Great’s legacy of autocratic secrecy still defines modern Russia.

Mughals, Rajputs & Villages: An Introduction

This tour explores three princely capitals in the heartland of the Mughal Empire, Dehli, Agra and Fatehpur Sikri, and a …