Land and its context

Bernard Trainor describes his design methodology in assessing a new project and the important role nature plays in discovering essential design solutions.

Talking Design with Stephen Crafti

ASA Tour Leader Stephen Crafti produces and hosts ‘Talking Design’, a popular fortnightly podcast from RMIT, featuring interviews with experts …

Northern Gems of the Baltic

Three magnificent northern gems were suddenly unveiled to an unsuspecting western world in 1991 after a half-century’s occlusion behind the …

El Greco: Man of Two Worlds - and Beyond

Here’s a Trivial Pursuits question: Can you name an artist and sculptor known universally by an ethnic nickname? The answer …

New Year in India

Join Professor Bernard Hoffert as he leads these tours to India.

Theatres of Preaching

Belgium churches and cathedrals house a the wealth of Baroque sculpture in their buildings.

Moscow's Red Heart: The Kremlin

Ivan the Great’s legacy of autocratic secrecy still defines modern Russia.

Mughals, Rajputs & Villages: An Introduction

This tour explores three princely capitals in the heartland of the Mughal Empire, Dehli, Agra and Fatehpur Sikri, and a …

The Holy Grail - Chalice, Bowl or Person

The Holy Grail is, arguably, the most celebrated piece of tableware from the last two thousand years. So much so that there are 200 goblets throughout Europe which claim the honour. Over the centuries, it has inspired great art and literature.