The History of the Nabataean Kingdom

Exploring the history of the Nabataean Kingdom and their mastery of water and trade.

Islam and the Turks

The Religion of the Turks The ancient Türks worshipped the elements of nature and believed that they had been created …

Republican Turkey

After the First World War the Ottoman Empire was divided. During the war, the British and the French governments had …

The Mongols and World History

Beyond the English-speaking world, the legacy of the Mongol conquests is still a touchy subject.

Morocco: A Historical Introduction

Historial Introduction Morocco nestles in the far northwest corner of Africa, bounded to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and …

Mughals, Rajputs & Villages: An Introduction

This tour explores three princely capitals in the heartland of the Mughal Empire, Dehli, Agra and Fatehpur Sikri, and a …

The Holy Grail - Chalice, Bowl or Person

The Holy Grail is, arguably, the most celebrated piece of tableware from the last two thousand years. So much so that there are 200 goblets throughout Europe which claim the honour. Over the centuries, it has inspired great art and literature.

The Wine Dark Sea: A Historical Introduction

Once, foreigners were drawn to Southern Italy and Sicily by the riches to be garnered from their fertility and their …